µScope 3.1

µScope microscope software offers you image measurement and processing software
3.1 (See all)

The PixeLINK® µScope Standard microscope software offers you feature-rich image measurement and processing software for use with all PixeLINK®® microscope cameras.
PixeLINK® µScope Standard microscope software includes all of the features present in our µScope Essentials software plus:
Auto&Semi-Auto Calibration option: Auto and semi-auto calibration functions allow the software to automatically calculate the pixels-per-unit value. You only need to set the unit for the calibration scale and the distance between the scale marks. This feature greatly improves the accuracy measurements and speeds repeat measurements.
Line Profiling: Single, multiple, parallel and polyline commands provide Gray/Red/Green/Blue intensity values for specific lines within an image. The profile data of each pixel on the line can be exported to Microsoft® Excel.
Image Processing: Manual Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Background Subtraction, Histogram, Clone, Crop, ROI, Resize, Rotate, Split, Image Mode Change, Grayscale, RGB, HSB, YUV Pseudo Color view, ull range of enhancement and morphology filters and 8bit and 16bit per channel.

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